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I had a friend in my college named George. He was oversized fat. And he was not a good student. But he was very rich. No one liked him in the college because he kept always eating and eating. Whenever he came into the class he could not stop eating. He continued to eat huge even in the class and in the car. One day he was coming for the college and as usual he did every day, he kept eating burgers at the car. And suddenly he felt upon a tree. And his car just broke into parts. But the dangerous accident did not touch him even.

He was rescued by 7 matured men. It was a disaster for him. Everyone in the college started laughing at him. But he did not stop doing what he used to do every day. So we did not care about him. Mister date meister says that it matters a lot. His site is sponsored by another website called, hostgator cupones.

A story from DATINGADVICESPECIALIST.COM was saying that how one day while we were on the campus building, he was walking through the lawn of that campus. And su ddenly one girl, who was our junior, came to him and wanted to have a chat with him. George was very much surprised because he never loved a girl except the food and no one cared about him. You can read this quantum vision system review. George wanted to talk to the girl right then but the girl wanted to talk in the evening after all our classes. So George waited for the girl and the girl took him to her home. It was a day for lots of surprises for George. The girl proposed him and gave him a condition to be in a relationship. And that was changing his body. Basically losing weight was the main factor. We do not know what else the girl told George and what influence worked on George. But within the month George was really changed. He lost 50 pounds! That was disastrous news for all. But it was a pleasure for them. They were very happy couple. They cared about each other so much. George was really a very handsome boy but we did not recognize him for his extra fattiness. But when he lost all his extra weight, he was like a hero. So that’s how a relationship builds up. Dating is an important for all these things. The girl loved him and changed him within months which was very hard for him and nobody before became capable of changing George. That was a very lovely thing about dating. Without dating, George never could search such a girl.